söndag 8 maj 2011

Till Jasmin :)

I’ve chose the song Never say never with Justin Bieber feat. Jaden Smith.  It’s my absolute favorite song because Justin Bieber sings it and because it gives me strength. Never say never is a sentence I often repeat in my head.
I don’t really know why I chose this part of the song, I like the whole song so I don’t really have a favorite part.
Justin Drew Bieber is 17 years old and he is a Canadian singer and he began he’s career on YouTube. He’s career began when he was featured in a song contest in Canada but he came on second place. But his family and friends who not could come and watch when he competed wanted to see it anyway so he uploaded videos from the contest on YouTube.
Hismanager Scooter Braun brought with him to Atlanta, where they met Usher. Another time later, after Usher seen Bieber's videos on YouTube, they met again and Bieber signed a contract with Island Records.
Justins father left him, his mother and two siblings when Justin was little, he and his family was very poor. But Justin has still contact with his father but he is still living in Canada.
Now Justin has over 25 million followers on facebook and 9 million on twitter. Justin has won 20 awards in different categories and he has made a movie and a book.

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